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How to start playing

Filters and sorting
Click the "Games" button in the top panel of the site. You will open the entire available catalog of games. On the left there is a panel with filters - in it you can limit the issuance of games according to the parameters you need. It's very convenient!

To view all available free games, check the "Free Games" box. If you add the "Action" and "Steam" checkbox, you will be shown all the free action games available in the incentive. This way you can add any number of parameters to find what you like.

If you want to see one large category, for example, only games available on Steam, then you will need the "Sort" option. By default, games are sorted alphabetically, but you can sort by rating on metacriticism to see those games that are highly rated by users.

Search on the site and in the application
Enter the name of the game in the search - below will appear games that are present in the service.

If you have forgotten the full name of the game - it's okay, you can enter a part of the name, some word that is in it, or even a letter!
If you enter a keyword: Arcade, Free, Racing, Puzzle, Indie, Casual, MMO, Adventure, Platformer, Sports, Strategy, Shooter, RTX, you will get a list of games of a certain category.
How to add a game to the library
To add a game to the library, you need to select it from the game catalog and click the "+library" button. Games from your EGS and Steam account are added to your library automatically, we will tell you about it in the next card!

Steam and EGS
Go to the application settings. In the "Connections" block, click on the chain icon next to the Steam icon. After that, log in to your account. Done! You have connected your Steam account.

Ubisoft and GoG
Unfortunately, it is impossible to synchronize the Ubisoft and GOG library, but you can run games from the libraries of these services without any effort. To do this, click on the name of the service you need for the selected game and enter the login and password for it.

How to play for free
Suppose you are just starting your journey into the world of gaming and you don't have purchased games yet. It's okay! Select "Free Games" in the filter on the left and a platform convenient for you (secretly - the most free games on Steam). After that, connect your Steam or EGS account to our library, select the game you are interested in and click the "play" button. It's very simple!

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