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From 0 ₽ / month we will launch your games on our powerful GeForce servers

Any device will become a gaming computer

PlayGameNow allows you to run demanding games on an old PC, Mac, Android smartphone or through a browser on iOS and Linux

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Play Game Now
Play without downloading

All games are stored on our servers and run from the cloud. Even the application does not need to be downloaded - you can play directly in the browser. Gigabytes of your hard drive will be free for abstracts, photos or videos from the wedding.

Games will start
in a few seconds

While you sleep, we download and install all patches and updates. Thanks to powerful servers, updated games start almost instantly.

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Per month

  • Unlimited after registration with limited functionality



Per month

  • Play with priority access, extended gaming sessions and NVIDIA RTX technologies

Premium Week


Per week

  • Play with premium all week non-stop

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Play Game Now is more than 1,300 games ready to run on any device. Choose your favorite genre and break into the game!

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